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October 11 2017

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Rin + White Outfits

October 10 2017

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Hold the tiny dragon

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guess thats a very experimental style of background… where is he though? 🤔

October 09 2017

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Tfw you sucking fuck at keeping a convo going

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Our lovely Samezuka boys in gakuran! ( x ) (´ ε ` )♡

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Kanna is so cute!!

October 08 2017

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I have only just started it! I need to finish some others games first before I settle myself in for the long run for this game. :)

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October 07 2017

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Happy Birthday Izuku <3


Originally for @bakudeku-week but it’s one hour from 12 am on the last day, so i think i’m late for the party ;A;

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An amazing shot of the Crab Nebula

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So my good friend ven is playing AJ and wondered how Apollo would’ve adored Thalassa when the Gramaryes’ performance are still popular on tv

I love the idea of baby Polly feeling comfort when he sees her, feeling a connection to her even though he doesn’t know her… i think that’s rly touching ;;;

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I heard my son is a space pirate or something now so I drew him as one of my other sons who is basically a space pirate

October 06 2017

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